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"...Ger has an amazing ability to assist in opening up people's hearts. I am more amazed everytime I see Ger, and his ability to sense the energy in the room and skilfully guide it to a healing experience for everyone. He can handle every situation that arises and he always handles them with the most subtle and skillful guidance. It is truly rare that someone has the skill level as Ger, and it's a privilege to be able to work with him... with Ger's help I have been able to connect to my heart and soul in a way that I know that I will become the loving, open, creative and healing human being I know I was meant to be. I would recommend taking at least the 3 day workshop as the longer Ger has with you the more he can help you move..."
Bruce Fast
Victoria BC

"... I want to express my gratitude to Ger for his work in co-creating holy healing energy ... I have only limited vocabulary to describe adequately my transformative experience in Ger's Workshop. I was healed of a childhood of trauma.
I do know that transformation occurs in it's own time. However openness and the level of sacred energy collectively held in these groups makes it possible. I sure didn't see it coming. My gratitude extends to the group whose individual and collective energy was focused and generous.
In gratitude,
Victoria BC

"... God has sent Ger into my life when I ... needed a push to leave a very unhealthy and limiting relationship. I honour, respect and cherish Ger as God's healer who has been Divinely send to us to help us to fulfill our own potential and possibilities in a limitless way of being...In my complexity lies the simplicity to love and be loved. That realization is so simple but I did many, many detours to arrive at this destination.
With love,
Victoria BC

Hi Ger,
Hey! a short note of thanks and acknowledgement: I am feeling inspired in my life since an amazing weekend in Victoria... What I felt from our session and since is more happiness. I can feel more presence in my belly and mind and willpower and pelvis...totally helped my back. I also have more energy to do things I want to do. I feel more confident making plans with people and know my limit regarding personal energy - and now my limits feel way more allowing. More ready to take life and adventures on. Right after the session I felt in my skin down my arms and into my fingertips my "spirit" or, not sure how to call it, but definitely more of a sinewey sensitve feel - a part of me I guess that I don't normally allow or feel available safe space to feel. Nice feeling very free and tingly. Thanks so much for your grace and heart and will and bravery and peaceful place that I feel so welcome in. I honor that time. I listened to your laughter filled interviews at the Hawaiian radio station. Those really helped me to understand more of what your work is about, what you have been through, what is possible and really encourages me to seek out deeper things in my time here. I am interested in growing deeper. I hope to come out to your workshops in August or Sept. Or with any grace, to come to a Hawaii session.
lots of love
British Columbia

"...Hi Ger,
I am transformed !! ... had cancer... The work you did with me ... went very deep. This transformation started in December when you came to Salt Spring Island ... I released a lot of pain then....Something shifted. There is new life ... I feel connected to Spirit most of the time. My main focus of prayer is that I will be led to where I can be of service in the healing field, where I can use my skills and talents and help the spiritual realm, and be open to it helping me. I feel that you are still working with me ... I look forward to doing more work with you, and from that finding my 'place' in healing work. I am deeply grateful to you and to the Spiritual realm for all the healing you have brought to me. with love and good wishes. "
British Columbia

"...Thank you again Ger for all you do and all you are. We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to work with you and share in your extraordinary and selfless gifts. Your loving kindness knows no bounds – you truly are a Saint . . ."

"...I have a wonderful news. I had an appointment at my gynaecologist this morning and the cysts are GONE. Yippppeeee! I am so happy and grateful. Thank you so much Ger, for all the help and support during my last learning..."
Vida Gostenčnik

"...Dear Ger, this is how Ema (my daughter) described the session with you: "When I came to uncle Ger I was afraid and I had an unpleasant feeling in my belly. But when he shook my hand I wasn't afraid anymore, it was nice, I would go again." Four days after treatment she got an inflamation of both of her eyelids which is getting better now. Ema feels well, she is full of grace, love, she is very confident and creative.The energy in our home changed (freedom of expression, tears of letting go). Ger to me you are a great man, I completely trust you. I have been to your sessions four times by now and since then many positive changes stepped into my life. Thank you for all the divine gifts that we have been receiving from you..."

2nd letter (15th June)

"...Yesterday Ema had the check up of her eyes. Her eyesight has improved very much. On 19th April the doctor estimated she can see up to 3%, now she can see up to 30%. We are very happy and grateful. The doctor is very satisfied. He says this is a fantastic result for such a short time. It seems to him almost impossible. But we know that Ger helps Ema with the healing energy.
Dear Ger, we are very grateful for all that you do for Ema. You are a great man and a source of love. Just by thinking of you I feel calm and my whole body vibrates..."
Simona Sobočan Boroš

" Dear Ger, was lovely to meet you and other friends. You are special people and give joy and love for people. I am sorry to have been able to speak with you only shortly, I hope the next time we meet you speak a little Italian and I, a little English. I carry in my heart our meeting and your memory, such as energy and love that you sent me. You are a saint who walks barefoot on a land that has many thorns, and you're a great man and do good to many people...So I hope that our paths will meet again. I embrace you very strong and we hope to have for you the joy that you give to others.I hope to talk soon."
Francesca Tabascio.

"......Dear Ger
This is really incredible....The day after... Tomaž woke up from coma and yesterday his own lungs took over the function..... I think we are all extremely happy and can hardly believe all this is happening. So in just five days he rose up from the ashes..and even more today he was full of jokes and couldn't stop talking until he felt tired.
There are no words really to express the gratitude and admiration.
His mum also says she can feel the energy and since the work started she can sleep peacefully and feels much calmer. She also asked me to pass her words of thanks to you.
Dear Ger, this work is really holy, it is a pure gift from God, and you are an Angel of God, and God bless you for everything that you have done and for all that you have put into creating this work. It is immesurably precious....really, what is more valuable in this world than to help people and connect with them...I am more and more aware of it...this is special..... he is alive!!!! Thank you so much. Tons of love,
Maja Bratuz
Nova Gorica

"....Hi Ger, since my session with you, I cannot get over how absolutely wonderful I feel. I am feeling joyful EVERY day. Each day I feel better. I haven't felt like this for years. Thank you Ger, may your light contnue to shine. Blessings of love light and joy...."
Connie Paterson

Here is part of a letter from a workshop participant to others describing his experience of Ger's Sacred Healing Workshops:

"....Ger employed four elements to create a sacred, committed space for people to share some of their deepest trauma and release it.
He saturated the place with sacred music from all traditions (Indian, Irish, Hindu, South-American, etc.). He had the right music for the right occasion and it worked well.
He had us disclose what we wanted healed, including absent friends, physical, emotional, psychological, or any other kind of trauma, past or present injuries, and so on. He allowed us to add any other trauma that arose for us at any time. All through the workshop, he revealed a desire to be exhaustive in his inclusion of trauma, friends, ancestors, etc. It was as if he did not want one speck of trauma to survive.
He had us all repeat after him invocations that went along the lines of: “Great Spirit we ask that you touch with light and dissolve anything we have suppressed, repressed, swallowed, held in, held back, assimilated, taken upon ourselves, etc.,” His invocations used words like “deepest,” “holy,” “sacred,” “entirely,” and created, in me anyways, a sacred attitude, which allowed for the letting go of a lot of things I might not have let go of otherwise. He allowed people in the group to add their notions to his incantation without creating any discordance at any level.
He had us move around the room in various ways, interacting or not interacting with each other, facing each other, speaking or not speaking to each other, dancing, moving interpretively, etc.
Ger was totally same-sighted. He did not have one gaze for a nubile young goddess and another for a wizened 70-year-old. Nor did he mock up his gaze. I never caught him at a moment when he was not same-sighted. That was impressive.
My overall assessment: I have been in a space -made sacred, in which I was willing to let go of a lot of guilt and shame, blame and regret for what I did and what others did to me. .... I am confident that it has an impact....
I spent most of the time peaceful or bathed in bliss. Today too I am bathed in bliss......"

Workshop Participant
Salt Spring Island

"....I have been doing personal growth healing work for years and years, but I found I was constantly working on the same issues. having done Ger's workshops I found for the first time that deep seated issues had finally gone. I found Ger to be the most compassionate and generous healer I have ever experienced, and that the Love he extends to those around him is both touching and totally unreserved. Ger comes from the most beautiful loving heart space. He truly gets to the core at a very deep level and you will be magically transformed.
I was totally impressed and amazed. Not only that, I feel my consciousness has opened up and expanded. I found Gers workshops to be a very profound experience. Ger is a true Gift from the Universe...."

"....Dear Ger...Its happened...I had a cystoscopy today to check for tumours...and there were none ! I am so very grateful to you for getting me to where I want to be...for opening the channel and facilitating my healing. I know that you`re responsible for my incredible healing...wanted you to know that I´ve learned from your teachings, and have made permanent changes.
Wishing you infinite blessings and much Love."
SaltSpring Island

"...Hello Ger, This is Paul, one of the participants from your 7/7/07 workshop held in Melbourne.
Words are not strong enough to convey the level of appreciation I have, for being a part of your work. Firstly my "self" has changed. It is as if a spring cleaning has happened in my whole being. I am constantly coming to terms with the new found clarity and zest for life, like a strong and balanced power that was blocked before.
I actually physically feel my immune system working away during sleep , and my dreams are more like affirmations. I have consciously felt "buzzing" some mornings since.........
During the workshop I began a profound and strong detox. This continued for the following 2 weeks, to the point where my eyes changed, my body shape, and face, and others have noted since then , that I have become noticably more calm and clear. My memory and cognitive thinking have also increased significantly.
The results are undeniable and profound........"

"Dear Ger...............
I was present at your workshop in Ljubljana. I look on everybody and everything round me in
another way now, and see the world through a sharpened objective. and as for you - the most
pleasant,warm,open-minded...angel who was sent to us, as the most beautifull gift so far. So i'm really greatfull to meet you. The last day during lunch break when you joined us and drank a cup of coffee with us i felt your energy like something wrapped me into a warm, soft, light that feeling, I could stay forever.Through these six days of your teaching, came a thought that you have the right answer on every question, and there's a lot of subjects about which we could discuss .So I can hardly wait to your next workshop in Slovenia, because the words to describe your soul don´t exist. Thank you for our learning about LOVE, looking forward to seeing you........"

".........then you do one of Ger's workshops on Illumination and.......suddenly the place is brighter as if lit by 600 bulbs. longer afraid. Now .....proud and..... happy, because you know you will never settle for being in the dark again. This is illumination. And by doing this you may inspire others to make positive changes too. Thank you Ger....."
New Zealand

".............I fell in love with Ger's work the moment I met it and I value, respect, honour and worship it every day more and more. Ger's amazing ability to create energy and space in which the Mighty Divine pours through, his immense love and ability to see the highest blessings in everyone, the warmth of his company, his words, his wisdom... are for me the most precious gifts from God.
It's already a grace if you come to the workshop for a day but if you stay longer and get the sense of how enormously powerful, effective, diverse... this work is, you really start to feel what Ger means when he talks about limitless potential. And for me... the deeper I go the more it makes me want to search further and try it all... it's become the most pleasant, speeded-up and yet endless journey on which I am accompanied with the co-warriors I have met at the workshops. For the magnificence of Ger's work is also in that it unites, I feel I am a member of a big, world-wide spread family of love and light.
With and through Ger's work my life has become a much different adventure. I am walking my way much more present, aware and alive. The rigid world of strictness is collapsing, the ice-cold inner prison is melting, the old mind sets are leaving... all is making a new space for more and more light and love. The awareness of who I am and why I am here is returning. I feel I am expanding, grasping the width, depth and mystery of life more and more.
My wounded heart was treated and healed in the most tender and sensitive way and thus helped to start opening and blossoming. And there are no words to describe the sheer bliss when my soul was sacredly acknowledged and whispered to.
Dear Ger, I am and will always be - simply grateful..........."
Maja Bratuz
Nova Gorica

"...........I was guided through dreams to Gers workshops, in a time of my life when I felt dreadfully disconnected from the world & myself. I felt lost and alone in deep torture of the body and soul.........
In this sacred place (workshop) I was blessed to have discovered an environment permeated with kindness, well being, and support. In the light of pure unconditional love & deep understanding my heart blossomed like the most beautiful flower.
In Ger I recognised, not only the magnificent gifts, wisdom and deep compassion, but also a great and honest man, a true friend.
This work is my path. My body profoundly resonated with the energy, reconnected me to the Divine Source, changing me and my life forever. With every workshop, Im going deeper. Becoming more and more open and fluid to let God pour itself through me. Im learning to find my strength and to entwine with others in this dance through the wonderous divinely orchestrated adventure called Life............."
Ida Cimerman

".....I did not expect that it would help me as much as it actually did. It took only one evening - only two hours and the whole world changed for me. The energy I felt that healed me, was so pure and simple and mighty - all at once. THANK YOU for all this, again and again.
My energy is increasing and I get random insights into different levels of me, and all that surrounds me. everything is amplified, every word, every feeling, - inside I am observing it all, seeing - I feel alive, awake, flowing. It actually shocked me - seeing myself inside so clearly, it was beautiful ......."

".......Dear Ger......A Huge transformation....I feel the light running through....being there with you in that sacred space you are in, in the light you shine through, in the presence of truth and pure love - is a blessing I am truly thankful for. I am thankful for every moment of light you share, and you have my deepest respect for the great work you are doing, for all you are creating. The experience of who I am and who we really are is something so natural and obvious in your presence. It is something I forgot many times in my life. I shall carry this memory, the memory of love - with me, in me forever. Thank you for being there for me.

".........These workshops are the answer to my prayers, I am accessing the inaccessible, releasing and healing. I am moving from a place of surviving, keeping my head above water into a place of living and expansion. I wouldnt be in that position if it werent for Ger.
Thank you Ger..........."
Micheal Garvey

".........I left the workshop feeling such a great sense of oneness with everything and everyone around me, such a centeredness and personal power. I realised that seperation is an illusion, and fear is just a waste of time.
Results in my sales job have dramatically increased as my self worth has become stronger as a direct result of the workshop. I just feel more alive, more aligned with my higher self and more connected to my guides and spirit helpers who have continued to work and communicate and teach me through very vivid dreams........"
Christianne Hille

".......I found Ger's work at a time in my life when I had little faith in anything. I was feeling as low as I ever had or have since. The work itself transformed my life at that point, the insight, the love, the pureness of it.... it got right to my core and essence and shed light and pure love on it. I've never experienced anything so powerful.
Ger himself is a walking angel of truth , integrity and love. He has dedicated his life to Spirit, living every moment in pure truth, peace and love, empowering others to do the same for themselves and claiming no credit for doing it.
At a time when he was brutally attacked, Ger was traumatised. However rather than seek revenge in anger, Ger took the trauma and used it to deepen his work, gaining more insight, more realisation of how trauma impacts us and our bodies. He used it as a tool to help him help others even more.
His capacity to love unconditionally is immense and he passes this gift onto us with great humbleness. He truly is an amazing healer and you cannot help but be profoundly impacted by him and all he stands for......."
Anna Gray,
Northern Ireland.

".....Gers affirmation of me as a person, on our first meeting, marked a major turning point in my life. I have learnt to channel the healing energies myself and continually move away from an illusory life gripped by trauma. Whether in person or in essence his energy never fails to get me back on track, and raise my consciousness to the truth. Thank You !!!......"
Celeste Martin-Ross

"......Gers gifts are many. By my observations one of them is his compassion for those who suffer - for those who are in some kind of pain or illness. He has also a gift to listen through your voice and see your troubles. He spontaneously knows the healing answer for that kind of trouble. By his kindness, I felt a relief from some old trauma which happened in childhood. many Thanks dear Ger......."
Stojan Svet

"......I Love this work for many many reasons. It has a quality and vitality that is both life giving and transformative. Transformative in the most tangible and real sense of the word. The work is grounded, incisive, immediate, and with a rare poignancy. Ger is a fantastic healer of rare caliber and I Love that. I Love the way I am brought more and more into life each time we work together. I Love the way the work leads me to unfold and embrace life - Beautiful......."
Joanne Connolly

".....Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced with Ger. I was coping with depression and limited thinking, partly from culture shock, partly from being a new parent - that of which triggered a lot of childhood baggage to rear its ugly head. I felt like I had lost my passion for life, and my marriage was starting to suffer. I was fed up and ready for a dramatic change. That was when I was pointed in the direction of Ger.
His connection with Spirit and his truly original, magnificent healing abilities changed all that, I felt like I had been awakened from a long hibernation. It was like accelerated therapy with a surge of powerful energy work, connecting directly with Spirit through the compassionate guidance of a great teacher. He touched on Core issues, that I had not even mentioned and almost instantaneously restored my zest for life..."
Jen Harvey
Fellow Healer / Budding Mom
San Francisco

"....The Greatest Blessings, the most incredible miracle, more than I could have ever dreamed possible. So much Joy, love, freedom from fear and anxiety, greatly improved relationships, I need less sleep, have more energy, and great abundance, I am rapidly realising more and more of who I truly am. This has to be experienced...."
Northern Ireland

"....Once in a while a person enters our lives who is a catalyst for change. A change on all levels of our being. For me one of these persons is Ger. His work is simply a manifestation of Spirit in action, transforming all that is "not" into pure love. Through Ger I have learned many aspects of Myself that keep me seperated from my own purpose. It is impossible to be around him and not change....."

"....I experienced ger as a powerful but extremely sensitive Healer and teacher, who limitlessly shares his gifts, wisdom, experiences, love and joy. During his work he creates an energy field that supports the transformational process and growth of each individual and helps them to find his or her own truth. He also teaches how to live this truth in everday life and how to take responsibility in our partnering with Spirit. Ger guides us on the unique journey of discovering the miracle that we are..."

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