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Ger Summer 2016

A rare moment on retreat for Ger - (Above)
decompressing after a work tour,
rambling in the mountains.


September 2016 saw a beautiful and powerful journey to Canmore - Mystic Springs and the awesomly beautiful and striking, lake Louise, in the spectacular Canadian Rocky mountains. Much work was done on Canada's lack of acknowledgement and recognition of the atrocities that were done to Native First Nations. Afterwards Ger travelled to the Yukon, up in northern Canada a small town of 27 thousand people to do some unscheduled work with the local people. Pic Above whitehorse town . 

Summer 2016 saw Ger working in the Balkans,  Bosnia and Slovenia, with some unscheduled work in the mountains outside Sarajevo and also some meetings and preparations with a good friend Elvis Hodzic ( and friends ) who was going for local election, and good news, He got in !!! Congradulations Elvis !! Also an Unscheduled stop for a mini cruise for all the crew in Maribor Slovenia was on the cards, and the Pilot programme launch for the new workshop for mentoring teens, and youth "Mystic Kids" workshop for 12 - 22 year olds, was a great and astounding success. with Ger and our 2 great Slovene Teachers, Maja and Natasa.

Summer 2016 also saw Ger Invited to speak and work at 2 collective events, Firstly "Animystics" in Ireland a gathering and sharing of Druidic and Bardic culture and medicine ...  And also an amazing and very powerful collective event in Tata, Hungary - a gathering of Shamans, medicine people and native Hungarian Turkish, Mongolian and Korean healers, Maori, and Gypsy teachers, gathering called and organised by Zoltan a gifted Hungarian Elder / Teacher. Incredible event, Thank You Zoltan !!!

Northern Ireland

Summer 2016 was Interesting with an amazing and powerful workshop, the first half in Belfast city centre, in Northern Ireland and the second half of the workshop in the country side outside Belfast in a small town called Lurgan. Pic above - Tullymore forest park Newcastle Co Down, Northern Ireland. There is another Northern Ireland
workshop due for next Summer 2017 in the same area.


February / March 2016

Ger was in Wroclaw in Poland (below ) this year in mid February and was also working in Derry in Northern Ireland ( Above )  - A city with its ancient walls still intact, steeped in history, a broken and split city which has been a war & conflict zone for decades, but which has survived and has started to thrive to become an icon of peace and reconciliation, with exciting and new fresh events, places and interesting people with new vision especially in the last 10 years. From the begining of March Ger is at home in West Cork setting up our busy and exciting schedule for the coming year ! Check out the events page for the latest details.........


February 2016 : 
Below is an ancient sacred healing well near the traditional Gaeltach (Irish Speaking) village of Ballyvourney in west Cork, Ireland, very close to Ger's mountian retreat.  A holy woman called Gobnait followed a Celtic prophesy to this village. Here she would find 9 white deer grazing at the source of a mystical spring who's waters have healing powers. Local folklore tells of a lone white Stag that still to this day appears at Gobnaits well. Thousands of people down through the centuries, have been healed of all kinds of conditions and afflictions after drinking the water from here !!

Gobnaits well

Below is an ancient healing Lake in West Cork Ireland called Gugane Barra, Very close to Ger's retreat home in the mountains. It has been a sacred sanctuary place for thousands of years, in the old Celtic tradition and also the new religion, where people would bring their elderly, and their sick relatives and animals, and drink and bathe in the water, say the old prayers and heal.

Gugane Barra


After a string, of back to back continuous workshops throughout the autumn 2015 - in Canada, Belfast, Slovenia, Sarajevo etc. Ger has taken a well needed deep internal personal retreat, on his mountain, in Ireland, in solitude for January. A little rest recuperation, regeneration, and hibernation to plug in, hook up and recharge everything to full capacity again, to prepare for another exciting year of amazing places, sacred spaces, rich cultures and incredible people to join us for a deepening of the tradition and practice of this healing and transformational work. If you haven't been to a workshop yet, come and join us and watch the power of the magic and medicine unfold and reveal itself. Prepare to change your life !!


kulusuk greenland

July / August 2015

This has been another busy summer for Ger, with working in Bosnia, attending the 20th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide in Srebrenica . A Workshop & Exploration of Volcanoes & Glaciers and Viking horse riding in Iceland.  2 Initiation workshops in Ireland and a quick scouting trip to Greenland ( picture above ) to meet with some native Inuit cummunities, & Elders, to explore, share and learn from their ceremonies. 



JULY 11th 2015

This year 2015 on July 11th is the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, ( above ) this should be remembered and never forgotten as a symbol and poignant memorial of the atrocities that occurred all over Bosnia & Herzegovina, from 1992 to 1995. 

Prijedor concentration camp

4th July 2015
After a full-on workshop in Maribor, Slovenia, this year Ger has travelled to Bosnia and is now in Kozarac a small Muslim village that was destroyed, and now rebuilt next to the town of Prijedor. Prijedor was used during the Bosnian war as a base for Serbian political and military forces and had several horrific concentration camps (above)  where over 20,000 innocent civillian Bosnian Muslim men, women and children were held, tortured, butchered, raped, beaten, starved and systematically killed. To date, 96 mass graves have been located with the remains of those who suffered this horrendous and tragic fate. This was the worst massacre and brutal crime against humanity during the Bosnian war, along with Srebrenica.


Alaska 2

Ice Surfing !!! A few photos from earlier in the year, during the Anchorage Alaska workshop, which turned out to be a very unusual and unique spontaneous and fresh, - travelling outdoor, gold panning, shotgun shooting, ice breaking, pathfinding, people meeting, wilderness workshop experience ... The crew met an intriguing elderly lady living out in a little bush village , who was full of wisdom, and inspiration who blessed them all by recounting her very adventurous life stories- a national treasure !! 

Alaska 1

Sticks and stones, tree trunks and Ice blocks, all part of the ingredients for a remote Alaskan adventure in the wilderness, guided by mountain wild man Michael. The pristine untouched and unspoilt nature in Alaska is something really special. 


June 5th 2015- Ger's 45th Birthday !!!
Ger celebrates his Birthday in Belfast Northern Ireland this year, aswell as a brief trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, for a few days. Iceland (above) is one of the most energetically powerful and stunningly beautiful places on the planet. It costs only €70 to travel from Belfast to Reykjavik and takes only 1 hour 55 minutes,  thereby easily connecting these 2 enchanted islands, with just a short hop, skip and a jump.... ok a high jump !!!


Nova Scotia Crew

MAY 2015
Above: A few of the Nova Scotia crew after the first exciting workshop on Helga & Lloyds new eco-village community farm, "Solomon Brook." This is a gorgeous place, with a river, waterfall and forrest, 2 barns, incredible potential and an amazing and beautiful conscious bunch of people starting on this exciting project.

This was Ger's first time in Nova Scotia, and definately not the last. The local First Nations People here are the Mi'kmaq and many other people have Scottish and Irish Blood lines and the old celtic culture seems to be very much intact and preserved and unchanged .


May 2015
Above: Ger leads us on a Workshop exploration in Drumheller, Alberta, where we find one of the most extensive sites, and collections in the world, of Mammoth & Dinosaur fossils. many people dont realise that Animal Medicine transmissions include ancient animals, whether extinct or not, the power of which can be phenomonal, and used for healing and spiritual exploration journeys. Holding a piece of ancient bone in your hand can bring you back to an ancient place inside yourself and initiate a potent transformation process. 

Ger in HooDoo's

May 2015
Above: Ger at the "Hoodoo Rocks" in Dinosaur valley, Drumheller, 
waiting to become a fossil himself !! .... The Hoodoos are one of Canada's most unique and extraordinary stone formations. The clay here can be ingested, and absorb poisons and toxicity, and cleanse the body. Nature carries many cures for many ailments, in some of the most unlightly places ! Watch where you step, you may be walking on medicine !!! 

Dino's 3

May 2015
Above: In ancient times these magnificent creatures roamed our world, free and wild, while life was brutal, and nature was harsh, often the fossil bones have many bite and tooth marks, that healed over with new tissue, indicating the intensity of a hunted life and the inevitability of a savage death. If life was breathed back into these beautiful creatures we wouldn't last a minute, It seems fast-food is not a new concept after all !!!

Dino's 2

May 2015
Above: Our Drumheller crew relaxing for a moment, after an exploration of an ancient world at the Tyrell Museum in Alberta, one of the best museum's on the planet, carrying many ancient authentic Dinosaur bone artifact collections, plus envoriment and re-animated accurate reconstructions of how it was, back in the day, when the world was still bubbling natures miracle creations from the primordial swamp !! 


Ger & Bodhran

May 2015 :
Sound is important, it can heal deeply, and bring the mind quickly and effortlessly in a mystic state of trance in which we can release pain and sickness and invoke power and the ancient medicine of our bloodline.  After a workshop in the beautiful northern town of Whitehorse Yukon Canada ... Here Ger is giving a rare performance of the rythyms of the "bodhran" - an ancient traditional Irish goat-skin drum - played old style, using the hand and fingers with no beater, while pressing on the back of the skin to rapidly change and adapt, deepen and soften, the tones and overall sound. 


Celtic Natives

Come visit Ireland, and meet the local Celts
 "going for a walk with the dog"
on a whole new meaning !
Walk through
 an ancient world
open your eyes, and have
a new experience !!


De Danann girl

When you come and visit Ireland, be aware that if you are lucky, you may meet the "Children of Fire" the blood descendants of the "Tuatha de Dannan" , One of our ancient mystic races, a pre-celtic tribe of people whose great great great ....granchildren are still here !! When you meet them, know that you are connecting with an elder race, who carry an ancient grace, and a special blessing from a long line of original people who never left this place.  You are walking on their sacred ground, and be aware, you may be chatting with (as they were known) a "shining one" !! 

De Danann Man

Summer 2014: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep.

Ger has had a busy and eventful "mixedbag" of a summer this year, begining with, and dealing with, the difficult challenge, and grief, of the tragic loss of 2 of his closest friends, Vanja in Sarajevo, & Kevin on Maui. 

He has also been busy working on a humanitarian campaign meeting with Palestinian representatives over the summer, ( Picture below ) to discuss and work on, bring awareness to and support, the truth of the conflict and horror of the Israeli genocide. To show the media's manipulation for what it is, and shine as much light as possible into this dark underbelly of lies and deceit. 

There has also been some good news, with Ger officiating some beautiful handfasting traditional celtic style weddings, celebrating the love and lives, of some of his dearest and oldest friends in Slovenia, Matej & Maja, and also Olga and Srecko in Maribor. He also attended a wedding in Bosnia of Tanja & her beloved Nemenja who are soon packing up and moving to Australia, lock stock and barrel ! . 

Ger had to unfortunately and reluctantly postpone and reschedule 2 workshops (Ireland & Iceland) and 2 initiations ( I & II ) during this summer in order to deal with some unexpected situations where he was called to Brazil, France, and Ukraine, he also made trips to Serbia, Bosnia & Slovenia.  

Today the 2nd of October Ger just landed back home to "the rock" in Ireland and is busy now catching up on logstics and organisational work for the coming years schedule.........

We are cooking up some exciting new locations and dates, and events for 2015, aswell as returning to deepen and expand the work and opportunities for people to heal and transform their lives also in the already established places, with our strong veteran and commited groups.

Also Initiations I & II for next summer are now again in the pipeline, and will definately be happening in 2015. Our apologies to all those who are still waiting, thank you so much for your patience !!

Ger & Palestinian Brothers


MAY 2014
It is with deep regret and great sadness that we let you know of the unfortunate and tragic news about the sudden death of Ger's dear friend, and translator in Sarajevo Bosnia, our precious and beautiful Vanja Jankovic, Last week, on Saturday the 17th of May 2014. Ger received the terrible news while on a workshop tour in Melbourne Australia. He postponed the tour and returned to Bosnia immediately to attend Vanja's funeral on wednesday 21st of may and to meet and join with her family and friends. After the funeral, on thursday the 22nd, Ger held a memorial evening at his home in Sarajevo for Vanja and her friends and community.

Vanja worked closely with Ger side by side for years in Sarajevo, in selfless service to bring healing and transformation, and to carry and guide many people on their journeys out of darkness, trauma and turmoil, and into the light and to explore many metaphysical mysteries. Ger and our whole community in Bosnia, adored Vanja, and are devastated and deeply saddened at this loss of our precious friend and colleague and fellow seeker on the path. Vanja brought great laughter, love, and exciting insights to each workshop and inspired many, and loved everyone. She will be greatly missed by all of us and we pray that God will speed her journey home so she may rest in peace. God Bless you Vanja. ( Photo of Vanja below with 2 friends )

Vanja with 2 friends



Brian Boru

April 21st 2014

Ger has just returned to Ireland from Bosnia to celebrate and honour a special ancestor. This month is an important month for Irish historical celebrations. Exactly One thousand years ago, a man by the name of Brian Boruma mac Cennetig , ( Artists impression below) & ( Probably more accurate, Bronze Plate image on a memorial medallion above ) who became King of Munster, High King of Ireland, and the last Emperor of the Irish, is remembered celebrated and revered as a brilliant and skillful leader who united the entire, conflict ridden nation, of Ireland under one leadership for the first time and as a consequence, The country flourished and prospered and a lot of the old war damaged sacred places of worship and holy places were repaired and extended.

In April 1014 he fought his last battle, being over 70 years old, and regardless of being outnumbered with overwhelming odds, his men still emerged victorious. After the battle was won, on the 23rd April 1014 he died praying in his tent. His grave site can be visited in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Ger's maternal great great grandmother was Minnie O' Brian from County Clare, a direct blood lineage descendant of Brian Boruma. Brian was her 34th Great Grandfather.

APRIL 2014
                       This month there are lots of changes happening,
Our beloved Chandra from Victoria BC who has lovingly and selflessly served many peoples journeys and healing, and worked with us, and you, for many years as our dedicated core co-ordinator, is now expanding her journey and heading off in a new exciting direction on a new adventure into the mystery.

                    Ger and Chandra have been amicably discussing this change and move for months and have mutually agreed and decided from this month of April 2014 that Chandra will begin her new journey and the new office headquarters and communications for our work will now go back to base in Ireland.

                    We would like to take this opportunity to Thank Chandra so much for her generous and devoted years of service and wish her all the best of luck and blessings and love and best wishes to carry her through the next years and the following adventures with grace and light and illumination for her path. Bless you Chandra !!!

                    So for the time being and until further notice, you can communicate directly with Ger on the new email address of Please be patient and understanding with sometimes delayed response times to your messages as Ger has a huge overwhelming workload of mails messages emails and calls to take care of each day and night with many urgencies and emergencies continuously, as well as travel times being on the road and in the air a few days every week.

He will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency, ( and please, only if you have an emergency ) please mark this in the subject matter and your message will become a priority. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding !



This page will keep you updated on Gers latest movements / projects / extra events etc.


Nelson Mandela:
The Spear of a Nation, who brought Global Inspiration, 
The Strength of this Warrior, was a Force of Nature,
The words of this Elder, was the course of Gods river
The heart of this healer, freed the pain of his culture.

To fight for ones freedom from Injustice - is human, noble and courageous, 
To fight for the freedom of others, and all of humanity, including your enemy - is Divine.
Nelson Mandela was both, a man and a living powerful light of Gods expression.
Today as he goes back to the clay from whence we all came, and the world continues to mourn the great loss of one of the greatest and most beloved leaders of our time, A question to ourselves could be this:

What are we going to do now with this gift he brought us, The gifts and teachings of inspiration and example. As Long as we can incorporate the teaching and message of his life, into our own - this great legendary Shining One Nelson Mandela will never die. As long as we continue to live, fight, love and forgive when, and only when its righteous. As long as we keep walking that long walk to both our own and our collective Global freedom, then we will keep his memory, honour, strength and love alive and well and thriving in the world.

What can we do today and every day from now on, to continue that long walk, step by step, and reach all our destinations, until that day when we too will ultimately and inevitably face that same clay that moulded us all. May he rest in peace.
Ger Lyons December 2013

Nelson Mandela

JULY 2013
Scientists in Switzerland at the moment are discovering levitation is now possible through using sound waves, maybe a clue to solving the puzzle of the ancient mysteries of stonehenge and the egyptian (and other) pyramids, that have had unanswered questions about how ancient civilisations "carried" massive stones over huge distances that we can hardly do today with modern machinery. 

This month on the 14th Ger is attending the "One Billion Rising" event in Sarajevo Bosnia in support of taking action to bring awareness to STOP violence towards women on every level in every culture. Directly following that there is another 6 day training in Sarajevo.

We have started this year with an Australian double workshop tour including Noosa and Melbourne, and there is another extra surprise Australian date this year being planned for November 22nd in Tasmania. This will be a special exciting event that will incorporate cultural elements, and explorations, from this unique & exquisite Australian, south pacific island.



Mevlevi Dervish & Musicians

On the 1st of November 2011 you are invited to join Ger, to embark on a very auspicious, exciting, intriguing and profoundly life changing journey to one of the most beautiful, ancient and well preserved cultures in the world, a great Euro-Asian central point of influence, a treasure-filled land of Islamic mysticism, steeped in traditional depth with the most exquisite and exotic cultural expressions, a banquet for the senses, a feast of tastes sounds sights, aromas and sensations that will invoke new and old feelings that we never knew we had.

Turkey houses the foundations literally and spiritually, of the Sufi Tradition, one of the most well know and powerful high-mystic sects of Islam. The highlight of our tour will be (in the centre of the 11 days, on Sunday the 6th of November) to visit the Tomb/Shrine & Museum of the beloved Dervish: Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi -Muslim mystic, prophet, poet, & founder of the Sufi order. We will also get to experience a rare and unique glimpse of the mysterious and sublime whirling dervish mystic dance.

There also will be a rare opportunity to visit and experience, (close up and personal) the Relics of the Prophet Muhammad, and many, many other exciting and spiritually significant places, things and events. This trip will reveal the real depth and deeper truth of the inner teachings of Islam, and will bring us to an, often much needed, understanding of the reality of life in an ancient mystic tradition and culture along with the common influences of all the 7 core pillar spiritual traditions that came from the same place and origins.

The date 11/11/11 is one of the most deeply auspicious and important dates on many levels for many reasons which will all be revealed as we work our way through the 11 exciting days of experience on this amazing trip. Jump now at the opportunity to join Ger for this unique once-in-a-lifetime event. It will be a long time until the next 11/11/11! Check out the details on the events page, Contact Chandra and book your place today! There is a seat with your name on it & only a few days left and a few places to spare!

Below - Turkish Girl in beautiful traditional dress

Turkish Girl in Traditional Dress

Click here for Srebrenica-Bosnia anniversary Memorial - Never Forget !

January 2011 - June 2011
These last 6 months have been packed full of a whole range of core training workshops all over the place, starting with Sarajevo-Bosnia, Cork-Ireland, Maui-Hawaii, Los Angeles-USA, Victoria & Edmonton-Canada, a level one Intitiation & Induction ceremony in Ireland, Maribor-Slovenia, and back to Sarajevo for a 3 & 6-day training. Ger is on retreat for the month of July regenerating and preparing for the next 6 months of tours starting on August 19th in Hawaii.

December 2010:
A depiction of The 3 Wise Astrologer Mystics (3 Magi / 3 wise men / 3 kings): Balthasar Of Arabia, Melchyor of Persia, & Gaspar of India, on their way to acknowledge, recognise and honour the birth of the Christ infant, in Bethlehem. This special time, the end of December is celebrated closely in conjunction with the winter solstice every year, to mark the birth or begining of a new journey of the planet around the sun. Its a time of universal birth, renewal, regeneration, and new beginings no matter what tradition or belief you may come from.

The Journey of the Magi

The bodies & relics of the 3 Magi were originally situated in Istanbul, but brought to Milan in the year 344. They were taken from Milan by the Roman Emperor and given to the Archbishop of Cologne in 1164. Now "The Shrine of the Three Kings" in the picture below, (in German Dreikönigsschrein) is a reliquary containing the bones & some relics of the Magi. The shrine is a large gilded and decorated triple sarcophagus placed above and behind the high altar of Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It is considered the largest reliquary in the western world. The bones are of 3 almost complete male bodies, one of a young man, one of a man in the prime of his life, and one of an Elder.

Sarcophagus of the 3 Kings - Cologne Cathedral Germany

December 2010:
This month sees Ger begining workshops in Masuda City in Japan, then on to Australia for a 3 day workshop in Marty and Suzies beautiful temple retreat centre in Noosa. Stopping off in Baguio City North of Manila, Philippines to see Jun Labo for a few days. Jun Labo is an amazing and profound 76 year old psychic/spiritual surgeon who has been healing since he was 14 years old. Then a beautiful 6 day New Year retreat/training workshop in one of the most beautiful places on earth, (Picture below) Lake Bled Slovenia. Ger is now preparing for the next Sarajevo workshop starting on the 13th January 2011.

Bled island Slovenia

December: This month brings Ger many changes, retreat & reflection due to the Death on the 9th of December 2010, of Ger's very first, and much loved Mentor, Metaphysician and Healing teacher, who was known as "The Cork Healer" in Ireland. An extraordinary man by the name of Bill Parfrey. Ger and Bill met in 1984, and Bill helped greatly to springboard Ger, off on his path. Bill healed and helped many hundreds of thousands of Irish people in his lifetime and will be sadly missed by all those who hold his memory dear to their hearts. God Bless you Bill, and live on in peace whatever the next adventure brings ! One of Bills favourite sayings was..
"Love Many, Trust a few, and always paddle your own canoe ! "

Click here for info on Bill Parfrey & his Book


16th November 2010
Today is the most important and beautiful Holy day and ceremonial festival day in Islam, where family's come together and visit relatives & neighbours: Kurban Bairam is the festival of sacrifice. The holy day (holiday) comes on the day of the completion of pilgrimage to Mecca. Kurban-Bairam (or Id al-adha) symbolizes validity of Mohammed's doctrine, which he received in revelation and mercy of the Most High. It is one of the biggest holidays for people, in Islam. People ask their relatives for forgiveness for any bad things said or done, give gifts, and go to the tombs of their ancestors. There are prayers to Allah and people show their kind intentions towards those around them, including people of different religions. Any military actions and quarrels are stopped for the holiday period. In Arabic, Id al-adha or Id-al-kurban means the holiday of sacrifice (kurban).

Kurban-Bairam reminds people about the basics of their faith and the Almighty’s love for mankind,
People put on their best clean clothes go to the mosques and pray to the Almighty together. After the prayer, it is allowed to buy the sacrificial animals, like sheep, cows, or camels. They are sacrificed to the Almighty and the meat is divided into three parts: one for your family, one for your friends and one for the poor.

The history of Kurban-Bairam goes back to the Old Testament legend about the Prophet Ibrahim. According to this legend, the Almighty decided to test his prophet’s loyalty and ordered him to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim could not disobey the Creator and decided to sacrifice his only and much-loved child. Only at the last moment, seeing Ibrahim's humble obedience, did the Almighty replace the child with a lamb. In memory of that event, Muslims make a sacrifice and kind gesture to help the poor, when celebrating Kurban-Bairam.

Most Holy Mosque Mecca


November 2010
Ger is travelling back to Sarajevo, Bosnia to continue with some development work, this month and catch up with logistics, on his way he stops in London - Slovenia, and a quick 24hr spontaneous unscheduled stop in Ireland in between, ... below sunset today in "Crosshaven Village"  a traditional coastal town near Cork City, Ger's home town. 

Crosshaven - scenic village in Cork - Ger's hometown and Location for New Center

. .

September / October 2010
Ger has just finished the Hawaii, Israel & Canada tours. In Hawaii Ger was joined by a dear friend Reuben Ka'ahanui. Reuben carries a powerful Kahuna & Royal warrior blood lineage and was a treasure to have at the workshop. There was some very special initiations this time on Maui, with an incredible deepening of the work by all. We have no words for the Israel 10-10-10 trip.... maybe "profound" "deeply moving" "real" "authentic" and "once in a lifetime", were what some participants described the journey as...We had times of deep silence as the desert and the wind brought information, and the internal landscape as well as the external spoke to us in an ever moving and deeply spiritual way. Indescribable and very personal and unique unfolding and revealing of the mystery for each person.
The Victoria workshop is always a special one, as we continue to have a base core group of very commited and gifted healers turn up. We had a visit by some of the Hawaiians & Slovenes, Saltspring islanders & Edmontonians...among others to make for a very exciting and interesting dynamic of transformation, mixing and blending cultures and gifts.

Israel Desert

Ger is on retreat at the moment and preparing for the Israel 10/10/10 October workshop. Do not miss this deeply transformative journey to one of the most sacred places on earth with a totally safe and secure guided journey through time and space to deepen that Holy land within yourself. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Israel with Ger and some of our crew, and in a very special way for a very special experience.
Especially those who are partaking in our commited and dedicated training programme, are highly recommended to come on this trip...Israel often has a way of rapidly pushing us on our transformational evolutionary journey... Many healing gifts often spontaneously open up and begin to pour through !! Sign up Now today !! Dont delay...Life is too short to skip this one !!! take Nike's advice and "JUST DO IT" !!!

Above is a journey into the Judea Desert and...
Below is one of the most Sacred sites in Israel...The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Its a church within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. The site is venerated as Golgotha (the Hill of Calvary) where Jesus was crucified, and also contains the place where he was buried (the sepulchre). The church is an important pilgrimage destination since at least the 4th century.

Israel Holy Sites

. .

JULY 2010
3 Irish workshops, some spontaneous initiations (often happens in Ireland !!) International visitors. Stone circles, Ogham stones, unusually sunny warm weather. Magic and mysticism all around. Ogham is the oldest known druidic language of Ireland, an ancient tradition of communication by writing / inscribing very large standing stones with lines and strokes to depict and impart information for different purposes. Some of these communications can be over 6,000 years old ! There will be more regular workshops from now on in Ireland, keep an eye out for the next tours !

Stone Circles


The essential point about the Druid use of Ogham is this - it provides a glyph or system which is every bit as rich as the Tree of Life of the Qabalists. The Qabalists use one tree - the Druids use a grove, a wood - filled with many trees and woodland plants. By clearly building up this wood deep in the inner consciousness and by then associating each tree or plant with a different number, god or goddess, animal, bird, colour, mineral, star, divine or human principle, the Druid is able to retain in his/her mind far more information than he/she would normally be able to. This use of an image as a memory device has been well known as an esoteric discipline through the ages. Below is a rare sighting of a page from a very old account of the explanations and meaning of the secret modes of Druidic texts from a manuscript written in Ireland in the year 1390.

Old Ogham Druid Book Ireland

. .

JUNE 2010
For Ger's final stage and actual Birth-day, the 5th of June, he finds himself at home in Sarajevo Bosnia (picture below is of the old town in Sarajevo). Wonderful people, a beautiful workshop, a whole new crew. Adela and Aida do a fantastic organisational job and Adela jumps in with superb translation, a difficult job under the circumstances. Ger immediately sinks his teeth into land-mine clearing research, finding out about what needs to be done to help clear the residual landmines in Bosnia. Ger and Aida have an enjoyable evening with the Deputy Major of Sarajevo on his birthday, and discuss many projects and subjects. Ger stayed in Bosnia for the rest of the month of June.

As well as the landmine situation in Bosnia, the global landmine crisis is one of the most pervasive problems facing the world today. It is estimated that there are between 45 and 50 million landmines in the ground in at least 70 countries. Landmines reportedly maim or kill 10,000 civilians every year. Those victims that survive endure a lifetime of physical, psychological, and economic hardship.

Landmines are indiscriminate weapons by nature - they do not distinguish between a soldier's footstep and a child's footstep. Their toll on mine-affected communities is devastating, and the consequences of their use are felt years after hostilities cease. Once peace is declared the landmine does not recognize that peace, the landmine is eternally prepared to take victims. Landmine victims suffer debilitating physical and emotional injuries, victims' families and communities are plagued by psychological and economic burdens, and the environmental impact of landmines on their surroundings is significant. Landmines also impede long-term reconstruction of war-torn societies, the return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes, and political reconciliation and peace.

The true measure of the global landmine crisis is the impact that landmines have on mine-affected communities. Estimates of the number of landmines deployed vary widely because the precise location of mines is not known. Minefields are areas that are rendered uninhabitable or that cannot be cultivated or put to productive use because local populations fear entering the area. The element of tragedy that befalls mine victims and their families and communities is a powerful deterrent to any individual who might otherwise use land for productive purposes or basic everyday activities. Unfortunately, fundamental human instincts and the need for food all too often compel adults and children alike to enter mined areas.

Traditionally, antipersonnel landmines were used for military defense purposes, but increasingly they are used as offensive weapons. They are designed to target civilian populations, disrupt people's lives, and displace entire communities from their homes and agricultural bases. Their purpose is to inflict maximum harm on victims and to create a state of military, political, social, and economic imbalance in war-torn societies. Unexploded ordnance (UXO) also adds significantly to the plight of these communities. They are typically strewn across large areas of land and respond like landmines when stepped on or picked up off the ground.

Fifty-four countries have produced more than 340 models of antipersonnel landmines. They cost as little as $3 to produce and are relatively easy to deploy. They can be laid anywhere, including roads, paths, fields, buildings, waterways, bridges, forests, and deserts. By contrast, it costs between $300 and $1,000 to locate and destroy a single mine, typically a very complex and time-consuming task.

In recent years, the international community has made significant progress in addressing the global landmine crisis. An international treaty to ban landmines, known as the Ottawa or Mine Ban Treaty, entered into force on March 1, 1999, faster than any international treaty in history. International and nongovernmental organizations are working with mine-affected countries to establish effective mine awareness campaigns and victim assistance programs. The United Nations is coordinating a global effort to survey the state of landmine contamination in mine-affected countries, and private and public groups are undertaking mine clearance efforts in more countries than ever before. Yet, with all these accomplishments to its credit, the international community continues to face many overwhelming challenges.

Land mine clearing

. .

JUNE 2010
San Galgano Italy, was the place chosen by Ger for his Part Two, 40th Birthday celebration. It has great and deep significance on many levels for many reasons. San Galgano is a town on Via dei Templari (Templar way) 30 mins south east of Siena. Born in the year 1148 Galgano Guidotti led a dissolute life until Archangel Micheal Appeared to him and gave him counsel, telling him to change his ways and turn to God. In disbelief & defiance he struck a large rock with his sword and instead of breaking as he thought... the sword sliced deep through the rock like a knife through butter and sealed itself inside with only the handle showing, forming a sign of the cross. A physical materialised miracle, that can be still seen today. Galgano dropped to his knees and stopped in his tracks and turned his heart to God.
Today this sword in the stone has been proven scientifically through carbon dating and ex-rays etc.. to be totally authentic and to be the real origins of the round table-excalibur-Arthurian legend where it is said that Galgano was the origins of the knight called Sir Galahad... The round table at Winchester (Englands old capital) that was thought to be King Aurthurs table has now been proven to be an 18th century fake... thus leading us on a very interesting discovery of a unique and special historical, spiritual and mystic treasure, and the realisation and exploration of the real true Italian Knight, Saint, and Miracle,....San Galgano.. instead of the English false Arthurian Myth. May the Truth prevail ! Galgano died at the age of 33 on dec 3rd 1181, the same year that St Francis was born !!

The real sword in the stone

. .

MAY / JUNE 2010
This was a very special time and the begining of Part One Celebrations for Gers 40th Birthday. We started in Assisi, Italy. There was a beautiful, workshop and we were joined by participants from many countries all over the world. The monasteries, tomb (picture below), churches and Home of St Francis were all on the itinerary for the weekend. Ger was overjoyed to see some old friends from the past, surprise him and turn up.

Tomb of St Francis Assisi

The Grand-finaly of the Assisi trip, was the exquisite and Divine Wedding ceremony for the Marriage of Anita and Cristian from Slovenia. It was just beautiful. Many tears flowed, and hearts pounded, couples were inspired, everyone joined in, flowers were everywhere... Anyone who feels sceptical or dissillusioned about Marriage should come and witness this very special event and gifting of Ger's... You WILL change your mind !! (Ger is legally and spiritually endowed and certified to carry out the officiation of marriage for weddings, also rites and ceremonies, funerals, and blessings.)

Assisi Wedding June 2010


MAY 2010
This month is back to Europe for a beautiful workshop in Maribor, Slovenia with Matej and Maja. Matej is a world class highly trained Akido Master, He is both a "Crouching Tiger and a Hidden Dragon !!" When he moves in is difficult to actually see him. (not Joking!) If you want to learn Akido...look no further...come to this man ! Maja is a Super-Mom who created the most beautiful little boy...their son Zak, and joined us in Assisi & Galgano while Matej faught his way through Brazil


Click here to see Matej, our beloved Akido Master, in Action

This month sees the work deepening in Canada, Victoria BC, and Edmonton Alberta. Ger is presented with a beautiful sacred ceremonial Native healing Drum, and on his travels comes across 6 wild bears in the bush in one day, ... A Blessed day !
Canadians are taking to this work like fish to water and seem to have a natural affinity with it, the workshops in Canada are often very profound experiences with many very gifted healers opening up and being discovered. So much so that Ger has decided to make Victoria BC our International office headquarters !

This month sees Ger again in Japan, Hawaii, and LA, to continue the deepening of the training workshops. Then also opening up some new groups in New Mexico and Arizona. They were joined in the Arizona workshop by an unusual participant...a beautiful wolf called "Pearl" who came and stayed for the entire workshop and quietly sat in the circle and observed the process with wise canine eyes !!

Ger is in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Alice Springs Australia, doing workshops, visiting war memorials, and working with Some powerful and skilled Aboriginal traditional healers in Alice and Sydney. Australian Aboriginal medicine and healing has been a strong focus and important part of the synthesis of Gers healing transmissions for many years. Ger visited an important war memorial in Freemantle, to pray for the many lost souls of soldiers, civilians and victims of war, many of Australians veterans also still live with terrible trauma and memories of the past years of military service.

After the new year workshops in Slovenia, Ger visited a childrens hospital, and then with some of the Slovene crew, travelled on to Sarajevo Bosnia, to organise and set up work for later in the year. Then briefly onto Croatia and across to Assisi Italy, and back to London, before embarking on the next Australia tour.

Rios Favelas

15th - 31st October, 2009

Ger is back working in London for a few days and then quickly onto Brazil where he is spending the rest of October organising work in the deeply troubled favelas ( hillside shantytowns shown above ) in Rio de Janeiro. If all goes well this week in the Favelas, there will be a very unique, special and exciting opportunity to attend a workshop later in 2010 in one of the favelas north of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro. Keep an eye on the events schedule for this one!

Ger is working and in dialogue at the moment with the local people, seeking permission and creating a safe haven and mission area, where we can come and experience life in a favela, and at the same time help and support these beautiful local Brazilian people in their struggles for survival. As there will be special conditions and a certain element of risk, for this particular one, we advise anyone with families and young children to not attend.

The Favelas are commonly known for the ongoing drug-war territorial gun battles, reports of police brutality, and victims of stray and not so stray bullets, but on a positive note, these are all the places that the carnival Samba schools were born, where we have hard working beautiful families who are friendly open and full of humour, and laughter, in the face of the struggles.

Kyoto Workshop Japan

October 1st - 15th, 2009

This was a busy month kicking off with 2 wonderful & special Introduction workshops in Kyoto Japan. Everyone dived very deep, very quickly into the process. "A deep sense of real & true authentic Spirituality in Japan is completely intact and inherent and second nature to these incredibly beautiful people" ...Ger did some special spontaneous initiations & inductions for some individuals & there was a great core group of seasoned spiritual adepts. “It’s like they have been doing this forever!”

Ger had an unscheduled meeting with Dr. Kan Fun, Director of the Haginochaya Acupuncture & bone adjustment clinic in Osaka, - (a wonderful Doctor of traditional Japanese medicine) discussing the comparisons between the various Chinese and Japanese traditional practices. They also visited the Satuki hospital and the poor, homeless area of Osaka, where many are struggling with unemployment and living in very humble conditions with cardboard and wooden abodes.

Some of the group attended a beautiful Shinto traditional ceremonial ritual. Shinto is the nature-based indigenous spiritual tradition of Japan, not unlike Shamanism or the druidic tradition. There was an experience of the famous tea ceremony, and Ger could not be dragged away from a local martial arts shop when he discovered they had some very old (and new) Samurai armour and weaponry, (unfortunately too heavy to carry on his travels).

Before he left Japan, Ger, and our wonderful new Japanese organiser Chieko, had a sombre, reflective, and emotional day as they visited the Bomb Hypocenter area in the city of Hiroshima where at 8:15am on August 6th 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped, instantly annihilating 70,000 men, women & children, with incomprehensible heat rays of 4000*C. By 1950 due to the aftermath of horrendous radiation fallout and poisoning, the death toll was counted at 200,000. Survivors to this day still suffer from major tragic health repercussions. Tears and prayers were the theme of this deeply saddening day. Still to this day the American government stands in justification of this barbaric act of apocalyptic proportions.


The Hiroshima Genbaku Dome (above) was the only structure that remained, it has been preserved in the same state as it was, immediately after the bombing. Everything else around it for miles was completely vapourised or destroyed. It stands today as a stark reminder and memorial symbol, of the most horrific, and destructive force ever created by humankind, in the hope that, never again will any other people of the world, have to experience what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki went through, and are still going through. It is a statement to ask for, pray for, act for, and demand world peace and the ultimate elimination of all nuclear weapons.

. .

Orphanage school for Himalayan children in Kathmandu

September, 2009

Highlights from the trip to Tibet and Nepal:

Ger, Maja and some of the crew, made visits to the Orphanage school for Himalayan children in Kathmandu, where a child’s education, food, clothing, and medicines for an entire year can be sponsored from as little as $330. Then on to organising funding and development work for an Indian street-beggars encampment, where the people live in open-tent bamboo-frame dwellings, and have nothing, but will invite you deeply into their homes and hearts with a beautiful warm smile, laughter and a cup of delicious Indian chai.

mountain monastery meeting of local people and some workshop participants

Above are some of the crew together with a beautiful family of local people after a day on a mountain monastery pilgrimmage.

A dear friend and colleague of Ger's started the workshop each morning with a wonderful Qi Gong energetic development class throughout the trip. There were reports of some very profound experiences and realisations on the trips to the Monasteries, Potala Palace, Sacred Lake, and to the summer residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. (the last place His Holiness escaped from when he fled to India during the Initial Chinese occupation.)

Ger disappeared from lunch one day with Tashi their guide, and re-appeared with a beautiful new Yak-skin Jacket, (Thank God!! It’s about time, before his old one fell to pieces, off his shoulders on his travels!!) Reports are that the the workshop itself was a profound and beautiful exploration, with a cohesive, cooperative, courageous, and commited International group. As well as personal and global work, a major focus and much work, was on Tibet and its present situation on every level.

The streets of Lhasa are constantly and tightly controlled with stationary troops at each corner, and also intermittant mobile marching units of armed chinese military personel. Armoured and well-armed vehicles, road tanks, and military trucks packed with soldiers, patrol the streets from dusk to dawn, as an intimidating attempt to remind everyone, that it is not a wise option to go against the grain. there was a high risk of arrest and instant deportation, if found to be taking photos of any military subject. The workshop was held in a venue just adjacent to a main chinese military training barracks.

Ger and Dr. Tse Wang Tan Pa

There was a wonderful trip to the Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital in Lhasa, with all the crew in the back of an ambulance!!! As well as an inspiring meeting and riveting lecture on the foundation, and many treasures of Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Dr. Tse Wang Tan Pa (Director of the Traditional Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute...Pictured above with Ger) .......... after which he opened up the ancient Tibetan Medical School and brought the group through the old sacred temple and shrine of where they used to teach traditional Tibetan medicine, in the old sacred way. He also brought them around the present day hospital and showed them the ancient, but still very much active and effective treatments of blood letting, herbal bathing, and Tibetan acupuncture, as well as the herbal medicine production rooms.

At the very end of the trip, Ger was invited, presented, and blessed with a set of very precious, beautiful and very very old Tibetan Medical Scrolls, by a High Lama who has been recognised by the Dalai Lama. This was presented with a beautiful ceremonial Tibetan Medicine Buddha blessing.

August, 2009

While in Victoria, Canada this August, Ger had the opportunity to meet with Hereditary Chief Tony Hunt of the Kwa-Gulth Tribe of the indigenous Kwakwaka'wakw people of British Columbia, Canada. Chief Hunt is a respected elder and master carver whose totem poles and carvings appear in museums and public buildings throughout the world.

During the 6 day training workshop, Ger led a morning class in Qi Gong. He introduced the group to Da Mo Nei Jing Qi Gong, a form which is particularly conducive to spiritual development. Nei Jing Gong comes from the Buddhist tradition. It is attributed to Da Mo (the Indian monk Boddidharma), who came from Bhutan to China and is renowned for meditating facing a wall for nine years to attain enlightenment. Da Mo is said to have passed on this form of Qi Gong to the monks of the Shaolin monastery.

Ger called on his expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine when the workshop organizer’s husband broke his collarbone in a cycling accident one hour before the first workshop began. Ger made a quick trip to Victoria’s historic China Town, the oldest China Town in Canada, and purchased a bottle of "Zheng Gu Shui", an herbal liniment that activates blood circulation, reduces swelling and alleviates pain, and also some packets of "Deida Zhentong Yaogoa" Medicated herbal Plasters, traditionally used for traumatic injuries, breaks and bruises; and also a box of "Yunnan Baiyao" Capsules, a herbal supplement that promotes circulation and eliminates swelling. Yunnan Bai Yao powder was used by the Vietcong in the Vietnam War and healed bullet wounds rapidly, making it easy for the soldiers to swiftly return to fighting. Chandra's husband began the treatments immediately and is recovering nicely.

July, 2009

This Maui & Honolulu, Hawaii trip was full of Spirit, and we were joined by many travelers from all over the world. In Honolulu, after the workshop in the evenings, Ger worked on a Hawaiian elder who had a stroke, and was gifted with a beautiful and powerful traditional bone carving. After the workshop, Ger, Jody, and our dear Hawaiian friends, Ana, and Reuben went to Moloka'i Island which is a very interesting and beautiful place. It was the seat of an ancient Kahuna Mystic School. It is said traditionally and locally that all the Kahunas originally came from there.

There is also an old enclosed cliff sanctuary for people with Leprosy, once known negatively as a "leper colony" where unfortunately people with this devastating illness were identified with the illness, called "lepers", and often brutaly cast out of society, taken to the island, thrown out of the boats before landing, and if they survived the swim ashore, they would live out many miserable terrible and lonely years of desolation, agony and malnutrition. These days the hospital sanctuary, (built by an extraordinary Jesuit called Damien ) still exists functionally, can be visited with special permission, and still has some patients who come and go for treatments. Leprosy can now be treated very easily and cured with modern medicine. Most people have a natural immunity to it."

Ana, Reuben, Ger and Jody also visited a wonderful Hawaiian homestead land and housing development project for native Hawaiian people, directed by Reuben's Aunty Ui.

JULY 10th
Ger is now in L.A. starting another weekend of major transformation, before moving onto Hawaii next week. The L.A. communities are steeped in mourning over the loss of 2 inspired celebrity legends of entertainment: Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

JULY 2009
Ger Briefly flys back to London for 2 days, where there is an important and poignant memorial unveiled in Hyde park, for the 4th anniversary, for the families and relatives, of the 52 people who lost their lives in the tragic London 7/7 Tube Bombings that took place 4 years ago.

JUNE 2009
This month sees the work Initiated in Fremantle Perth,Australia, Hosted by Ger's Cousin Diarmuid, (a deeply gifted, clairsentient, Yoga Teacher, and Horse whisperer). A wonderful deep transformative weekend was had with a whole new group of commited spiritual workers. Ger celebrates his birthday here, this year. Then quickly onto Melbourne for more intense training workshops, we are joined by some Slovenes Canadians and Irish/New Zealanders.

MAY 29th 2009
Ger is now on retreat for a few days, Preparing for the next Australia trip, after the most incredible workshop in Assisi, Italy. The energy was extremely high and all were blessed by this place and time. We had the most beautiful blessing for a very special child.

MAY 5th 2009
We are now in the middle of a set of 4 powerful Events in Slovenia. After a beautiful, Interesting and exciting Conference on "Mystic states of consciousness" in Ljubljana...we Jumped into 2 wonderful workshops, joined by some Krazy Kiwi's (Zany New Zealanders).
We are now preparing for the next workshop adventure in a few days time, on "Bled Lake" Slovenia , which is one of the most beautiful Magical lake areas in Europe. We will be joined for this and the very special (Not to be missed) "Assisi" workshop at the end of May, by some Courageous Canadians.

Ger - Abseiling at a Belfast charity event

APRIL 2009
Ger is visiting his old "Stomping Grounds" in Belfast for a few days, and finds himself abseiling off the roof of the Europa Hotel, an exciting and unusual event organised by a local Belfast city charity. The Europa Hotel in Belfast, is traditionally famous for being the most bombed-out Hotel in Europe. They have forgotten how many times it has been blown up !

APRIL 2009:
Ger is in London for the Global G20 meeting, where world leaders are meeting to make critical descisions about the world economy and plans for the future. There is no shortage of Drama, with Riots and huge public outrage, & violent demonstrations, with ensuing Police battles, against a backdrop of International Delegates, arriving each day for these crucial meetings. President Obama and Michelle are in town for their first Office visit to the UK.

MARCH 17th 2009
Ger wishes all our friends, families, colleagues, and fellow explorers on the path, a very happy and beautiful and Blessed St Patricks Day Today. Ger is on SaltSpring island at the moment after a wonderful workshop tour begining of 2009 to Slovenia - L.A. - Hawaii - Edmonton Alberta - and just now in SaltSpring island BC, This little island off the west coast of Canada is a sanctuary and healing place of peace for many, and a special Canadian Treasure.

A St Patricks Day (17th March) Blessing with Our beloved Inspired Global Prophet - Barack Obama



Village Kids Christmas day

December 25th, Christmas Day 2008:
Qunu Village, South Africa, ( Mr Mandela's Hometown & birthplace ) Taking a little time out in the midday sun, with the local village Kids.

Sangoma Healers in South Africa

Meeting with South African Sangoma Healers in Johannesburg, The Spirit coming through these incredibly gifted, and beautiful people was tangible. Today was a Blessed day.



Robben Island Prison

JANUARY 2009 -
A deeply poiginant moment for Ger - visiting Robben Island, where Mr Mandela was imprisoned, as he reflects on memories of Barbed-wire life in Belfast.

Zulu Drummers, Johannesburg

JANUARY 2009 -
Ger takes some time out, to hang out with the kids drumming on the street, in Capetown.
" I was blown away, I feel ashamed to call myself a percussionist. After listening to the power and presicion of these Kids, My awareness of Rythym, music and expression will never be the same again ! "

Ger is in Johannesburg, South Africa for the next few weeks up to the 12th Jan. Visiting the Soweto townships, researching the Zimbabwe situation and preparing development work. The South Africa workshops will take place at the beginning of January.

These 2 months sees Ger working in L.A. and then on to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia for the South Pacific Workshop tour. We are joined in New Zealand and Australia by some international participants to take part in this exciting transformational work.

Slovenia September 2008

Canadians, Columbians, and Slovenes converge (above) -in a conscious celebration of transformation and mystic healing practices, at the end of a beautiful and powerful workshop in Slovenia.

Ger is working & researching in Rio, Brasilia, & Salvador Bahia, in Brazil with Psychic Surgeons, Trance Mediums, and native Brasilian Indians.

JUNE 12 2008: Ger is busy with preparations in Canada at the moment, until the 23rd June, at which point they will be returning to London to Join Nelson Mandela and his family and friends for his 90th Birthday celebrations. Party Time !!

JUNE 5 2008: Today Ger Celebrates his birthday in London, after 2 weeks of major transformation and Healing workshops in Slovenia.

MAY 15-17 2008: Ger is in Belfast, Northern Ireland attending an important Global Congress on Human rights, with Zimbabwe's Presedential candidate / Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and many other speakers from Tanzania, Burma, Columbia, South Africa, Nicaragua, and other countries. It is no accident that we are gathering for this in Belfast, a place where hope and prosperity has gradually emerged out of the ashes, of a city of war-torn despair. This congress is dealing with the giant global struggles against hunger, disease, poverty, war, and environmental degredation, as well as the freedom and dignity of all people.

MAY 12th 2008: Ger is on retreat in Ireland at the moment, preparing for the next Slovene workshop tour.


Various Events & Projects that happened in 2006 / 2007

AUGUST 2006: - Ger is in New Zealand attending the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (A.I.M.A.) Conference in Queenstown
and afterwards,
The Hui Whakapiripiri - Conference in Maori Health Research, at the Te Papa Tongarewa, in Wellington.
This is hosted by the Health Research Council of New Zealand: Te kaunihera Rangahau Hauora o Aotearoa: in conjunction with the Health Services Research Centre and Te Kawa Maui, School of Maori Studies of Victoria University of Wellington and The Ministry of Health.

AUGUST 16th 2006: Ger is in Melbourne Australia facilitating Workshops and individual Teachings, Training, and Healing Sessions.

AUGUST 28th 2006: Ger is now back in New Zealand.

SEPTEMBER 7th 2006 : Ger will not be working at the moment due to the unexpected death of his father Edmond Lyons, in his native hometown of Cork in the south of Ireland. He was laid to rest on september the 11th. MAY HE REST IN PEACE

SEPTEMBER 2006 : After 2 deeply transformative workshops in Slovenia. Ger is now back in Ireland and will be in Galway on Friday for the next training workshop. The training is open to all and no prior experience is necessary. newcomers are very welcome.

OCTOBER 2006 : Ger is on retreat at the moment In Ireland, The next workshop will be in Nova Gorica in Slovenia for 10 days. see Home page for details.

OCTOBER 2006 : At the moment we are in the middle of an amazing workshop-retreat in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The weather is warm and beautiful, and the Slovene alps are shining with an invitation to climb at the breaks. Miracles are happening everyday as a core commited group of healers go deeper into a profound exploration of the universe, through the medium of our cells. There is an ancient sacred healing place on top of the mountain nearby where people leave behind their crutches and wheelchairs and walk home in tears of joy!!!.........Mark this one into the callendar for next year!

NOVEMBER 6th - 7th 2006 : Ger is in the Scottish Parliment in Edinburgh, attending a justice committee meeting with John Carnochan and Will Linden, Senior Intelligence Analyst, and the violence reduction unit of Strathclyde police, Scotland. Also Clive Murray, National President of Scottish Police superintendants, and The criminal justice standing committee, and the Association and directors of social work. This is a very important meeting, as decisions are being made at government levels on the role of "para-professionals" (integrative medicine practicioners, healers, therapists etc. who are a largely untapped resourse in rehabilitating prioners, ex-prisoners and re-offenders.

NOVEMBER 24th 2006 : Ger is in Melbourne Australia in the middle of a 5 day workshop on the Kiwi/Auzzie Tour.

DECEMBER 11th 2006 : Ger is in the middle of a 6 day Workshop in Maribor in Slovenia.

DECEMBER 16th 2006 : Ger is now on retreat in Ireland preparing for the exciting New Years Workshop in Carlingford.

Ger is in central Brazil just now ( January/February ) working with umbanda trance mediums, visiting orphanages, and local developing communities, and will be working in south america until the 26th of February, at which time he will be returning to europe for workshops in march - details coming shortly.

MARCH 2007: Ger is now back in Europe, on retreat, and preparing for a very interesting workshop in his hometown of Cork, after which he leaves for another Australia tour.

APRIL 2007: Brings a very exciting and Intense workshop, including some added extra bonus days in Melbourne Australia.

APRIL - MAY 2007
After an amazing and Powerful Workshop in the beautiful town of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, Ger went on a Retreat trip to Greece and then Assisi in Italy, Meeting some very special people. There is soon to be a workshop in Assisi, this very unique and mystical, town in the exquisite Italian mountains. Mark this one in to your calendar !

MAY 17th, 2007: Ger is now back in Ireland preparing for the next exciting Galway workshop. ( The "Magic Bus" is back in Action !!)

JUNE 5th 2007: After 2 weeks of Deep Transformation in L.A. we get to a beautiful celebration of Gers Birthday as he gets to transform into another year !!!

30th JUNE 2007:
Ger is attending the 1st British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality in London this weekend.

3rd JULY 2007:
Ger has just arrived in Australia to prepare for the very special 777 workshop in Melbourne, an Exciting and Full week of Major Transformation at this special time, the 7th of July 2007.

JULY 2007
The rest of July has seen Ger working in New Zealand, then quickly on to Chile, Argentina, and now the highlands of central Brazil for a few weeks until the 20th of August 2007 , at which time Ger will be back in London.

You cannot leave New Zealand / Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) without a taste of the beautiful and awesome Maori Sacred Cultural Martial Arts and Dance.


Standing on a Santa Maria Pilgrimage Sacred Hilltop, Ger, Karin, and friends drop into a deep and inspiring Santiago Sunset, in Chile.

Brazilian Indians

A beautiful meeting and exciting evening of sacred dance and ritual with the Fulnio tribe of 1st nation Indians, in the Central Highlands of Brazil. " The energy, power and beauty that comes through these people is awesome and inspiring "

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2007: After 2 powerful workshops in Slovenia and then another 2 in Ireland during September, (and a short break for about 40 minutes !!!) Ger is now on his way to Canada to start the Great Canadian Tour.... Ottawa, Victoria, SaltSpring Island....Then down to L.A. and back to Brazil before the new year.

MARCH 21ST 2008: The last few months has seen major changes and exciting transformations. Ger is now in Ottawa on the second Canadian Tour. Today sees an important meeting with an Algongquin native Elder.

The next few Months will be taken up with Answering the Dalai lama's request and Global call to mobilise support for the crucialy timed, protest, and uprising in Tibet. This vital message To Urge Beijing to enter dialogue with the Dalai Lama, is essential to get through.
If Tibet is crushed, we will loose one of the highest Global Spiritual Treasures in existence. Do Everything you can !


Some of the Galway crew relaxing, and having a spoon bending moment, at the Holy Well, after another weekend of Major transformation in Ireland.

L.A. Workshop

Illuminated explorers basque in afterglow of another weekend of high transformation, around the Gong, at the "Temple of Hall" L.A.


Shining Slovenes in Strunjan, on the Slovenian coast, Dive into the mystery, and swim in the sea of Discovery. Healing and becoming Conscious, transforming and transmuting and embracing new life and Love.

Orphanage Brazil

A few of the Kids and staff gather round for a quick photo, in one of the Brazillian orphanages, included is our dear friend and colleague Greg from New Zealand ,who has recently passed over to the other side, on his next journey of evolution.

Greg helped so many people to heal on his journey and touched so many hearts with kindness, generosity, love and laughter. He will be sadly missed by all of us. God Bless you Greg.

Orphanage Brazil

Ger takes a little time out, on one of the brazil orphanage trips to deliver supplies and spend some time with these special kids.

Brazil Orphanage

The Brazillian Orphanage Kids and staff find Ger's attempt at portuguese to be hilarious !!


" The Pain we experience can be the most powerful engine that drives our search for the Divine" ...Ger Lyons



Clan Spiral



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